Heavy Snowfall in Kedarnath

Char Dham destinations in beautiful state of Uttarakhand covers heavy snowfall during the season of winter. The months of winter is about to end by next one and half month and the heavy snowfall has covered Kedarnath Temple in Uttarakhand. Four times in the last one and a half months, heavy snowfall has paralyzed Kedarpuri. There is 6 to 16 feet of snow in the temple premises itself. It looks such a beautiful to view the scene of Kedarnath Temple. But since December 12 last year, Dham has lost contact with the district headquarters Rudraprayag. Removal of snow and iceberg is not less of a challenge for the administration this time in the way of Baba Kedarnath Tour.

There is more than 10 feet of snow from Rambara to Rudra Point. There are also iceberg zones at six-seven places, which are difficult to cross. In Kedarpuri too, snow is reported to be 10 to 16 feet from the MI-26 helipad to the temple route and the temple premises.
Dham has received heavy snowfall four times in the last one and a half months. Electricity, water and communication services in Dham have come to a standstill since December 12 last year. Also, reconstruction works are not being done.
The journey to Chardham Yatra began by May 7 last year whereas Kedarnath Dham started last year on May 9. Even then there was snow from Bhimbali on foot. Between Rambara to Rudra Point there were six places with icebergs of more than 45 feet in length. The devotees had to go through a path made by cutting four and a half km of snow. Earlier in the year 2015 also, the path was cut by cutting 8 to 9 feet of snow on the walkway.
Official team of Indian Administration are headed towards Kedarnath, who will take stock of the situation there. After this, snow cleaning work will be started in the walkway and dham. All the executing organizations have been asked to reach their places by February 20 for the reconstruction work.