mana village

Enjoy your Summer in Last Village – Mana Village

If you like to walk, then you will love the adventure. In such a hurried situation, people often look for a beautiful place located in the quiet surroundings of remote areas. If you are looking for a place like this, go around the town of India.

Mana village situated in the border of Uttarakhand is the last village of India in this direction, after which China’s border begins. Its legendary name is Manibhadra. Natural beauty is the biggest feature of this village. This village is the best place for history lovers along with Nature Lovers.

This village is related to the Mahabharata period. Because it is believed that Pandavas had made a way to go to heaven from here. Apart from the scenic beauty scenes, there are many mythological places in this village. These include Ganesh cave dedicated to Shri Ganapati, the cave of Shri Ved Vyas ji, Bhima bridge, India border, Himalaya, natural reservoir etc.

The last village of the country is situated in Uttarakhand, about 4 kilometers away from Badrinath Dham. Walking around May to October.

Haridwar and Rishikesh can be reached by road through Manga village. You can travel by rail to Haridwar. The distance of the village of Mana is 275 kilometers. There is also a facility for buses and taxis to go to Mana village from Haridwar.

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