Best Time Visit Gaurikund


1. Tapta Kund :-

Tapta kund is situated in Badrinath temple with 45 degrees temperature, Tapta kund is a hot spring and the water of this Kund comes from ‘Garur shila’and flows in to strong stone tank, it’s water remains hot during winter also and the people can easily take holy dip inside it.

2. Surya Kund :-

Surya kund is having 88 degree temperature and is situated near Yamunotri temple. It is considered to be the offspring of Lord Surya, the spring was named after Yamuna River and is use for boiling things, due to it’s high temperature you cannot take dip inside it.

3. Gangnani :-

Gangnani is situated near Gangotri and known as Rishikund. The hot spring is considered as the best place for meditation and from here you can see the wonderful view of mountains surrounded near Gangotri. Many people take holy dip in this hot spring before going to Gangotri.

4. Gauri Kund Lake :-

Gaurikund Lake is located at a height of 6000 feet above from sea level and this hot spring is considered as a place where Goddess Parvati did penance for winning lord Shiva’s heart and lord Shiva accepted Goddess parvati.

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