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Chardham Yatra

Chardham 2019 Kapat Opened

Yesterday (May 9th 2019), in the Brahmavala, on 5:35 minutes, Kedarnath Kapat was opened to the devotees of Lord Shivji with high devote sounds. Baba’s Panchamukhi Murthy was in the temple of Kedar. Now, for the next six months devotees will visit here to praise the lord Baba Kedar. Over two and a half thousand devotees became auspicious. At the same time, ‘Governor – Baby Rani Maurya’ also reached Baba Kedar and visited Dham. The festival of Doli Baba Kedar was celebrated by Chief priest Kedar Ling. Other rituals were performed, after which the doli was decorated. Kedarnath Raval Bhimashankar Ling, Vedpathis, priests, the presence of rights holders in the presence of Kapat was chanted as per Vedic traditions. The kapats were opened on 5:35 minutes. Doli entered the temple during this time. First of all the priests and devotees of the sanctum sanitation and indulgence in the sanctorum, after which ling was worshiped inside the temple. At 6 o’clock the main Kapat was opened for devotees.

With the tune of the band of Armies Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry, Kedarnath became utterly resonant with praise of Bhole Baba by devotees. Meanwhile, members of BKTC including Raval Bhimashankar, and former Chief Minister and BJP MP Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank were also present in the Kapat of Kedarnath Dham. In this regard, all the preparations were completed by the Sri Badrinath-Kedarnath temple committee. Garhwal Board Commissioner Dr. BVRC Purushottam, District Magistrate Mangesh Ghildiyal and other officials also reached Dham. Be the first to be made through the video given in this venerable witness.

Puja material reached Kedarnath shrine before the opening of the Kapat

Prior to the opening of Kedarnath Dham, the Air Force helped in bringing worship material of the temple there. Describing the pleasant journey of devotees, the Chief Minister said that, at all places, the State Government has made a very good arrangement. He said that the construction of Chardham Road has stopped for the rest of the passengers. 80 percent of Kedarnath’s reconstruction work has been completed and the work of residual reconstruction is also being done fast. The necessary arrangements have also been made in Badrinath Dham. Here, we get passenger medical services through the Vivekananda Health Mission. At the same time, arrangements have been made to provide better health facilities in Kedarnath Dham. The Health Department has deployed doctors on every four kilometers of Dham every two kilometers.

Know about Nanda Devi Raj Jat Yatra

The longest hiking barges in Asia is held in Uttarakhand is the journey to send their house in-laws to the Aradhya Devi Mata Nanda of Himalaya region. Patti Chandpur and Shri Guruji region is considered to be mother Nanda’s parents’ home.

This journey also explores the conditions of daughter’s house in-laws and loves toward them in ancient times in mountainous surroundings.

Mother Nanda is considered to be the wife of Lord Shiva and Kailash is the home of Shiva, or Nanda’s house in-laws. The legend also said that once Nanda had come to her mother’s house. But she could not have been in-laws for 12 years with some reason. She was later sent to her in-laws with respect.

The discharge of this tradition is known as the Sri Nanda Raj Jat yatra. Garhwal King Shali Pal is credited for launching this yatra and Kanak Pal is credited for giving this festival high value.

Mention of Jaman Singh Jadora (Gusai)

According to the legends, mothers of Jaman Singh Jadoda – ‘Nanda Rajarajeshwari, Jai Bola, Jai Bhagoti Nanda, Ma Srinanda of high Himalayas’ are given high value and respect in this festival.

In these devotees of Goddess, there is also mention of Jaman Singh Jadora (Gusai) of Idara-Vadhani village of Sangamasthali.

In Raj Jat yatra, before departing for the House in-laws (Kailash), Mother Srinanda stays with people of Jodora Gusai (Bulkari) for the nightly rest.

It is believed that for the discharge of the word of mother and devotee, mother Nanda reaches Ida-Badhani, the first place before the Kailash departure in the state.

In order to adhere to the word given to your devotee, Mother Nanda reached to the village of Ida-Badhani to stay in the house of Jadora Gusai. Here the Jadoda descendants are offering their Arvad Javar, Kaleu and make up materials.

Lord Rama Had Last Penance Here after Ravanas Death, the rock still exists

Do you know that when Lord Ram returned to his last penance while returning from Lanka after the Ravana slaughter? If we do not know, then we are giving you this information as well as taking a trip to that place. Lord Ram had done his last ascension in Devprayag. This beautiful place is in Uttarakhand which is known as the famous pilgrimage place. Devprayag is situated at the confluence of the Alaknanda-Bhagirathi river. It is said that Devprayag is one of the Panch Prayags of Godland Uttarakhand. It is believed that when King Bhagirath celebrated the Ganga to descend on the earth, 33 crore Goddesses along with the Ganga also descended from heaven to Devprayag. This is the place where there is a confluence of the Bhagirathi and the Alaknanda river.

Devprayag is at an altitude of 830 meters above sea level. Devprayag distance from Rishikesh is just 70 kilometers away. It is also said that in Devprayag, Muni Devsharma had done austerity of Lord Vishnu and God had given him a boon that the name of this place will be kept on his name in time.

According to legendary belief, Lord Rama had done his last penance in Devprayag. Lord Rama had done penance here while returning from Lanka after victory. It is believed that Lord Rama had done penance in Devprayag for getting rid of the sins of Brahmin slaughter (Ravana slaughter). They had austerity sitting here on a rock. Here the rock is still present.

There is also the cave of Hanuman ji in Devprayag itself near the temple of Mother Ganga. There is a belief about this cave that Lord Hanuman, Lord Rama’s bhakt, also came here. There are huge devotees in Devprayag. It is a very beautiful place where the beautiful and tranquil atmosphere makes it easy for the devotees and tourists.

Laxmanji had done the last penance, Now the most famous for Trekking

In the Rigveda, Uttarakhand has been described as Devbhoomi. This sacred land has been called the complete karmic land of the minds. Do you know that Srimada purushwattam is also associated with Uttarakhand, Lord Laxman Ji, the younger brother of Lord Rama. Laxman ji did his last ascension in the land of Uttarakhand only.

Laxman ji did his last penance in Garhwal of Uttarakhand. It is believed that Lakshman ji did his last penance in Tapovan, which is in Tehri Garhwal. If you have ever gone to Uttarkashi, you must have heard about Tapovan. Tourists are being tracked in large numbers here. Tapovan is 6 kilometers from Gangotri glacier. The wonderful views here give the tourists the heart of the tourists. The Himalayan peaks are visible extending from Tapovan.

Tapovan is also called paradise. Camping is famous in here for mountaineering. There is a Tapovan near Goom’s Trekking where millions of foreign tourists are excited for trekking every year. From Nandvanvan, there is a great view of peaks like Shivling, Bhagirathi, Kedar Dome, Thalya Sagar and Sudarshan. Tourists here are trekking and camping at Satopant, Kharkhund, Kalindi Kali, Meru and Kedarnath . In addition to trekking, tourists also climb on mountain ranges and rock climbing. The paddy and pine trees filled with greenery are very attractive to tourists.

Enjoy your Summer in Last Village – Mana Village

If you like to walk, then you will love the adventure. In such a hurried situation, people often look for a beautiful place located in the quiet surroundings of remote areas. If you are looking for a place like this, go around the town of India.

Mana village situated in the border of Uttarakhand is the last village of India in this direction, after which China’s border begins. Its legendary name is Manibhadra. Natural beauty is the biggest feature of this village. This village is the best place for history lovers along with Nature Lovers.

This village is related to the Mahabharata period. Because it is believed that Pandavas had made a way to go to heaven from here. Apart from the scenic beauty scenes, there are many mythological places in this village. These include Ganesh cave dedicated to Shri Ganapati, the cave of Shri Ved Vyas ji, Bhima bridge, India border, Himalaya, natural reservoir etc.

The last village of the country is situated in Uttarakhand, about 4 kilometers away from Badrinath Dham. Walking around May to October.

Haridwar and Rishikesh can be reached by road through Manga village. You can travel by rail to Haridwar. The distance of the village of Mana is 275 kilometers. There is also a facility for buses and taxis to go to Mana village from Haridwar.

Nanda Devi Yatra Fair– A Breathtaking Experience in Uttarakhand

The form of Parvati is considered as Nanda Devi. In folk traditions, Nanda is considered to be the daughter of Rishi Himawant and Menavati, who had married with Shiva. Nandadevi Raj Gal starts from Nandi Devi Temple in Nauti Village, located in Karnaprayag tahsil of Chamoli district. After traveling 280 kilometers from there, it is concluded after returning after worship in Hemkund situated between the high ranges of the Himalayas.

The main journey stops at twenty halves, the last five of which are situated in the deserted areas in the upper Himalayan region. According to traditions, it is believed that in the Hemkund, Nanda is in-laws of Goddess. They come to their maternal house once in 12 years and then they are sent back to their in-laws with pomp. The four-horned sheep (rosary), which is called Chaosing ” – Khadu, leads this whole journey.

In the last week of August, when the historic Nanda Devi kingdom of Uttarakhand reached the Raja Yatra, the village of Vyas, everyone’s eyes were moist. Nanda Devi was not a distant goddess; everyone had some or some relation with them. An elderly woman was crying while leaving her daughter, so a woman could not help her friend.

Someone’s sister was departing so someone’s grandfather. Plants and rivers were also sad like the daughter is going to be in-laws. In Indian society, such examples of religious events are rare, whereas on one hand there is a piety and devotion filled with faith, on the other hand, the men and women tied to the emotional bond of relationships, who are sitting together with their family relationships with the gods and goddesses.

This historic journey began on August 18 from the Nanda Devi temple in Nauti village, located in Karnaprayag tehsil of Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand Governor Aziz Qureshi, who considered this visit to be a cultural heritage, was present in Nati village on that day. He says, “It is not just a religious journey, it is the cultural heritage of the state. It is the responsibility of all of us to decorate it. “

Fourteen years later, on the pretext of this visit, the entire area became independent from Garhwal to Kumaon in Uttarakhand. The journey was going on to Kailash when the mountain ranges of colorful bamboo and sculptures of gods and goddesses were echoing and the mountains were resonating with the loud shouts of Nanda. On the foothills of Nand Devi mountain, considered to be Nanda in-laws, small trips derived from Nanda’s temples at different places till Hemkund becomes part of the main journey.

The number of women who attended this trip was the highest. Women, who were dressed in remote villages, were leading the yatra and while sending Nanda, they were offering things in the farewell as per their strength. They used to sing farewells with food items, ornaments, and jeweler, and in the celebration of the farewell to the crying and mourning daughter.

Public literate Nand Kishore Hathaval, giving it the status of a travel related to more than religious pilgrimage, says, “From the rich to the rich, everybody is departing to his daughter on the pretext of this journey. Every woman feels the struggle of women in the hard days of the mountains.

This trip is announced on behalf of the Kunwar Parivar head of Kansuwa village. The journey started from Nauti stops in Ida Budhani village. Then goes through Kansua to Pindar’s area. The six stops between Nauti to Narayanbagar are said to be the halls of Nanda’s maiden.

Next to Kevar, till Faldiyagaon, and after this Shiva Bhumi Kailash is called Nanda’s in-laws area. A four-horned sheep carrying the whole journey goes to Hemkund, where she is left alone. It is believed that this sheep is the companion of Nanda in the forthcoming journey.

Journalists and documentary filmmakers from all over the world are involved in this journey. “This was a very different cultural experience for me,” says journalist and documentary filmmaker Marfa from Poland, who joined the trip to Hemkund this time. It was a religious event, but religious impressions or fanaticism was nowhere to be found. It seems that there is a large family with lots of members and the family is getting farewell after marriage. “

Up to the last stop of this journey, more than one lakh passengers joined it. In the villages of the journey, till August 29, 250 Dev Doliis and more than 20,000 people reached. Despite heavy rain started on August 29, people spent the night under the open sky. Former Chief Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal “Nishank” and Rajya Sabha MP Tarun Vijay also joined the yatra.

Although the government had claimed a good system, but with the increase of the number of rains and the increase in the number of passengers, these claims of poles opened, according to the state government, only 2,000 people were allowed to go on an inaccessible trip to the Himalayas, but in reality More than 12,000 people went to Hemkund. In order to control this number only biometrics registration was arranged, but in the last time, it also failed.

This time, the increase in crowds in the journey is likely to be the worst hit on the rare vegetation and wildlife in the highlands of the Himalayas. After the twelfth halt, the yacht reached in the Gadoli plate located in the forest area and at the thirteenth stop, one of the most beautiful Bugyals in the country called Vedani Bugyal.

With the gathering of ten to twenty thousand people together here, there is a great loss to the vegetation of Bugyal, which is the face of this journey. This historic festival of without any proper government plan can also be a cause of environmental damage. This time the Nanda Devi visit of this time has come to this reality.