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Best Place to visit near by Gangotri – SIGHTSEEING PLACES IN GANGOTRI

1. Gangotri Temple :-

Gangotri temple is one of the most famous place in Gangotri and was named after Goddess Ganga from here the River Ganga is originated. 300 years ago Gangotri temple was constructed by Amar Singh thapa( Nepalese general) and is located at an elevation of 3100 meters above from sea level.

2. Ganges Glacier:-

Ganges glacier is 29.9 km from Gangotri and located at a height of 4238 meters above from sea level. The Ganges glacier starts from Chaukhamba and merges with Gaumukh, the water of Ganges glacier is believed to be pure and remains clean for long years.

3. Kedar Tal:-

Kedar Tal is a popular destination for trekking and require guide for it, Kedar tal is also known as Shiva’s lake which is situated at an altitude of 4750 meters above from sea level and at a distance of 17 km from Gangotri.

4. Gangnani:-

Gangnani is situated at a distance of 52.3km from Gangotri and at an elevation of 2620 meters above from sea level. In Gangnani there is a famous hot spring which is known as Rishikund and is considered as a best place for meditation from here you can see the wonderful view of mountains surrounded near Gangotri. Many people take holy dip in this hot spring before going to Gangotri.

5. Gaumukh:-

Gaumukh trek is located at a distance of 15.6 km from Gangotri and 4023 meters above from sea level, the place is considered as the famous place for pilgrimage site as well as trekking and due to 2013 flood the front end of Gaumukh was destroyed.

6. Uttarkashi:-

Uttarkashi is one of the most important pilgrimage destination and provide support to various popular temples such as Lord Vishwanath Temple, Ekadash Rudra temple, Bhairav temple, Kuteti Devi temple and Gyaneshwar temple. Uttarkashi is situated at an elevation of 1150 meters above from sea level on the banks of river Bhagirath and is 100 km from Gangotri.