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Badrinath Tour - Badrinath Tour Package - Badrinath Yatra - 5N/6D

The ashram of Vishnu in the mortal world, every year in the month of may, lord himself come to earth for the good of mankind, the magnificent temple situated between the Nar and Narayan mountains ,with the banks of Alaknanda river at the height of nearly ten thousand meters , a black stone statue of is worshiped as meditating lord. In Sanskrit it is called as Badri dham, badri for the wife of Vishnu Bhagwan who according to the legend gave shadow to the meditating lord as in the form of berry tree (badri).

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There are many places to visit near Badrinath like Swargarohini, Sheshnetra, Satopanth, Nilkantha Peak, Mata Murti Temple, Charan Paduka, Brahma Kapal, Mana Village,Vyas Cave, Tapt Kund and Vasudhara Falls.

When Buddhism became the dominant religion in India, the idol of Badrinath was thrown into the Narad kund. Adi Sankracharya retrieved it and re-installed the deity for worship. He appointed a namboodri Brahmin from Kerala as Rawal at Badrinath, which traditionally still continues. A group of idols in temple, which include Ganesh, lakshmi, Nar, Narayan, kuber, udhav, Garud and Narad, form the 'badrish panchayat'. Ghanta karn is also worshiped here. Just past the Singha dwar of the temple is an image of Garud, the lord's vehicle. Traditionally the yatra to kedarnath is undertaken before coming to Badrinath. For the devotee who has been unable to do this, the temple of Adi kedareshwar nearby is to be visited first. Devotees offer pind daan for their ancestors at the holy Braham kapal tirth, just outside the gate of the temple, after which, it is believed, no other sharadh is necessary. Facing the temple, by the banks of the Alaknanda, is a hot water spring known as Taptkund, a bath in it is holy.

Nearby in Badrinath there is Joshimath is the seat of Adi Sankracharya. It has a temple of Narshingha as well. Nearby is the Sankracharya cave, where Sankracharya is believed to have attained his jyotirdarshan or enlightenment. Hence it was called jyotirpith, and later came to be known as Joshimath, Pandukeshwar the winter seat of Badrinath.